wtorek, 1 września 2009

Brazil. private swap.

as you can see, my scanner doesn't work properly. too bad as it's really beautiful card!
it's Morro de São Paulo. one of 5 villages of the island Tinharé in Bahia, Brazil, 272 km from the city of Salvador by route and 60 km by sea. The only way to go to the island is by boat or by regular flights that go from the airport of Salvador to the local airstrip.

Cars are forbidden on Morro de São Paulo. The only method of motorized transportation on the island is by tractor, which carries passengers to other distant beaches, to pousadas (small hotels) on Third, Fourth and Second Beach (the closest to the village) and to the airport.

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  1. boska plaża, aż chciało by się zanurzyć w tej błękitnej wodzie