czwartek, 10 września 2009

Japan. favorites tag.

wow! beautiful card! and hello kitty stamp ;-)

Himeji Castle - Japanese castle complex located in Himeji and comprising 83 wooden buildings. It is occasionally known as "White Heron Castle" because of its brilliant white exterior.

It was registered as the first Japanese National Cultural Treasure by UNESCO World Heritage Site in December, 1993. Along with Matsumoto Castle and Kumamoto Castle, it is one of Japan's "Three Famous Castles", and is the most visited castle in Japan.

This awesome castle also appeared in James Bond film (You only live twice)

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  1. Łaa prześliczna!
    A muminki być muszą, duuużo muminków ;)

  2. japońska!! piękna... chcę taką :P